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Ann Loveless

Ann is a native of Frankfort, Michigan which is located on the shore of Lake Michigan. Ann attended Michigan State University and received her degree in Clothing and Textile Design. In 2004 Ann fell in love with the art of Landscape Quilting. Ann's inspiration and designs come from nature and the beautiful lakes and woods of Northwest and Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Ann works from photographs and has developed three distinctive quilting techniques.

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Metallic Evolutions creating nature through metal...

Nature's excitement becomes a part of us and we bring it indoors to grace us...

Husband & wife team John & Heather Zondervan work together in their metal studio on the family farm. They both act as the designers and makers. since 1996 they have developed a broad range of artistic work for the indoor home decor', to garden art and much more.

Eric Waugh
Eric Waugh is one of the most recognized and collected fine artists. He has sold well over 45,000 original works globally in the past 30 years. The prolific Eric Waugh has achieved a level of distinguished prominence in today’s international art market. 

Waugh is 100% self-taught. He was a professional graphic illustrator and product designer before becoming a painter in 1988. His vibrant colors, his meticulous attention to detail and the range of his work has escalated his popularity exponentially. Over the years, his artwork has been acquired by thousands of major corporate and private collectors worldwide. 

Eric ’s fun yet sophisticated art celebrates life. Waugh describes his artistic style as “Pop Fusion”.  Eric’s art is a unique blend of a multitude of artistic styles including, pop art, expressionism, art deco, and cubism. 

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Macone Clay

Michael & Rebecca are incredibly grateful to God for allowing us to run in our gifts, and for surrounding us with such wonderful friends and family. We are so very thankful to all those who have supported us over the many years. It's exciting to imagine what direction we might head now with our four kids breathing fresh wind into our company's sails.
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John Wayne Jackson An artist from Black Mountain, NC.

A nature-inspired lover at heart, creates sculpture from "REAL" leaves and finishes them in a rainbow of iridescent colors to capture the imagination of everyone who gets the chance to experience them. Leaves (fossils) that he picks up in forests, gardens & jungles are used to sculpt his masterpieces. Using his own dye-based paints and a formula to get a long- lasting structure of strength.

From a small 4" leaf, to a large 3',4',5' or larger sculpture, they are inspired by nature and foliage.