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Title of Testimonial So Pleased  
April 30, 2019   

Review * Andy re-matted and framed two 35 year old watercolors painted by my British father in law. The pictures had to be remounted as well. The results are absolutely fabulous - the mats and frames enhance the artwork, and Andy's care with these one of a kind paintings is evident. We are so pleased!

November 14, 2018   

Review *First time using Andy’s Frame Setting. Couldn’t be happier. Andy created the perfect setting for an Asian print. It looks great in our home. Andy is personable and professional. He had a great idea for the setting but still listened to my input. Finished product was completed quickly and the price was right. I recommend Andy’s Frame Setting without reservation.

Wonderful work  
October 28, 2018   

I recently had a painted tile framed and it turned out wonderful. Andy encouraged me to use a double mat and that all the difference. I love it.

Visionary Craftsmanship  
October 15, 2018   

While helping my mother downsize, we found two oil paintings that were done by my father over 45 years ago. He never framed them. I brought them to Andy's and received expert help selecting appropriate frame materials that enhanced the aesthetics of each. The final results were better than I imagined. Thanks for helping us preserve these family treasures!

The best place to frame your artwork!  
September 22, 2018   

I’ve worked with Karen and Andy to frame several pieces over the last 3-4 years. As an avid collector of unique, original art, it is important that the framing reflects the style; and I’ve always found the perfect complements at Andy’s Frame Shop! In fact, I’m bringing a couple more pieces there today! 🙂

Awesome work  
August 23, 2018   

Andy handled a print framing for me that ended up being outstanding. His vision for framing once he saw the print made it obvious to me that he truly respected how something looks. I will send all of my professional framing jobs to him.

Exellent Service!!  
July 14, 2018   

Review *Excellent service!! Have gone to Andy's several times over the past few years. Have been extremely pleased with his work. My son also goes to Andy's to have framing done. Andy does excellent work and would highly recommend him!!

Always a great job  
April 14, 2018   

These people get all of my framing business. Friendly customer service, fast turnaround, great suggestions. Have never been disappointed in the work. I highly recommend them.

March 9, 2018   

Last June (2017) my daughter and I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend five nights attending a certain concert tour here in Columbus. Since it is her favorite band, and I enjoy them as well, it made it even more special. The very first show I noticed a souvenir that said "Limited Edition - Total of 54" and I new that each show would have these. Right then I knew that I wanted to get a souvenir from each show and make something special for her for Christmas. In October I went in to Andy's shop and met with him, taking in a simple drawing and an idea of having the whole thing matted and framed. Andy spent a good 1/2 hour with me and the drawing going over my idea, asking me questions, and making suggestions. I wanted to add the concert tickets from each show, and photos from each show to this project along with a small poster. Andy's first question was "what do you want to accomplish with this project?" I told him that attending all 5 shows was a once in a lifetime experience, and I wanted this project to be a one of a kind "once in a lifetime" gift. With that answer, he replied "Then this needs to be a shadow box, and not a matted piece". THAT is where the 1/2 hour came into effect. He explained what his idea was, brought out examples, pulled out frame colors and styles, and laid out one of my souvenirs along with a photo and the poster so I could visually see what it was going to look like. He took the time to measure each piece, so I could easily figure out the size pictures I needed to print for my project. Christmas came and went and I was not able to obtain the Night 4 souvenir. Fast forward to February of this year (2018) and I got my hands on the missing piece. My daughters birthday was coming up the beginning of March so I immediately went into Andy's shop. Low and behold he remembered me and the project. He didn't have my information in the computer so this was most impressive. We met for another 1/2 hr going over the project again. I let him know that the original picture sizes we spoke of would not print properly and gave him what I had. He said "no problem, I can make this work". While he had everything, I decided to change one of the pictures (lower right corner of the drawing) and I brought him two photos to ask his opinion. After not being able to decide, I just said "you decide and surprise me". Fast forward again to my daughters birthday, and I went to pick this up. It is a HUGE piece. Roughly 4x4 and he used "both" pictures that I couldn't decide on. I left it wrapped in the brown paper that it came in from the frame shop. I had her close her eyes and stood it up in front of her. When she opened it, it literally took her breath away. She couldn't speak, and the tears rolled down her face. "THAT" is what Andy did for me. Are there box stores out there that can do custom framing at a lower price? Probably. The better question is, can those people look at what you have, build something based on your ideas, and make a truly "one of a kind" piece? Probably not. If you wan't your piece done right, and you want personal service then I can not recommend Andy's Frame Setting any more than to say "This is where you NEED to go". THANK YOU ANDY!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You turned my idea into a reality and made a gift that will last my daughter a lifetime.

Framing Resutls (Part 2)  
January 22, 2018   

This review is a 2nd review. See my 1st review which focused on customer experience. This review is on the framing results. Immediate reaction when I saw picture in frame was BAM!!! Wow!!. Great work. Picture is secure. Picture was ready when they said it would be ready. Owner had a good eye on what would make my picture stand out in the frame I purchased. It is popping on the wall and the frame enhanced the value of the picture. I am a very happy customer. Will return and recommend others.